How to introduce your wife, partner or girlfriend to female led relationship

By M. Lyman Hill

     What is wife led relationship? Simply stated, when women lead men who want to be lead in an interpersonal relationship. Wife led relationships are also called female led relationships, wife head of household, woman dominant household, and FLR. FLR (female led relationship) is not new, it has been around for centuries, only now though have we begun to recognize it and understand its dynamics.

     FLR is a "designer" relationship in that the couple comes together and says "this is what we want" as a couple. Couples often change roles promoting the woman to head of household and the man to a more supportive role. Often the woman become the family authority figure and final decision maker. In other words the couple decides what wife led relation means. Men often take on more household chores, serve their mates as a stay at home mom might for her husband. But there is a twist and discovering that twist make all the difference in the world.

"There is a gap between what men say they want from FLR and what women say. surveyed several thousand men and women about what they want from FLR. If we take what men want as 100% and then compare it to what women want at about 70%; we can see there is a gap of 30%. The gap is how far men need to adapt to be successful in FLR. For men to assume women will move closer to what they want is sabotaging their chances of successful FLR introduction."

What to do when your mate asks you for a female led relationship

By M. Lyman Hill

     Men often attempt to stealthily serve their women to show them the benefits of wife led relationships and women while enjoying the help don't really get it. Men serve stealthily because they see a sense of shame or shyness at the idea of asking his woman to lead them and their family and allow him to support and serve her. The cultural pressure he feels comes from society at large and other men and women who by and large don't even know they are pressuring him. The pressure is for a man to be "the leader", "strong", "fearless", but the reality is men come in all kinds of packages and some are not willing, able or skilled at leadership in relationships where the women may be.

     Women get to make the decision about going into the wife led relationship because she is the only one who can and to make a good decision there are some things to learn about him and consider for your relationship and family. As with all things in relationships, it is always best to do good for yourself, your mate and your kids.

"We have heard many tales of introduction when men approach their women or vice versa. Most of the time the women does not know anything about FLR so she does not say much; sometime she has heard things and goes off on a knee jerk reaction; and then there is a rare women who has heard of it because she is already interested. In an ongoing poll at women who are interested in FLR were asked "Who introduced you to FLR?" 26% said they found it in themselves; 9% said another woman, 58% said a man and 7% said they discovered FLR on the internet on a website like ours."

How to introduce your wife, partner or girlfriend to female led relationship Special Edition - for Christian Men

By M. Lyman Hill

     Christian relationships are special when it comes to wife led relationships as the prevailing pressure from the church is for men to take headship and women to submit. This model does not always work of course. In many cases the woman is both a better leader and called to lead and neither of them are listening because of fear and social pressure. There are cases in the Bible to help and just plain wisdom to fall back on. Partners can co-lead, lead for a season and rule over their homes. Christian partners are free and able to make the call for themselves using the same means they do to make any decision. Pray, Pray, Pray. and talk it over.

How to introduce your wife, partner or girlfriend to female led relationship SE - for Relationships In Crisis

By M. Lyman Hill

     Men in relationships in crisis need extra help dealing with the pain and suffering of their mate and family. This edition helps men work towards a wife led relationship even after they have done wrong by their mate..

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